Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Body Before Bariatric Surgery

Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Body Before Bariatric Surgery

May 16, 2023

It is amazing how the power of our thoughts can positively or negatively influence our minds. And this happens because our mind believes what we tell it. If we tell our mind negative things, it will believe it, and vice versa. 

Many of us are not able to comprehend the inherent powers of our emotions and thoughts.

From the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at the end of the day, we are constantly sending messages to the brain. These messages can contribute significantly to how your day would get played out and even how you would look at your journey before and after bariatric surgery. 

How Constant Negative Emotions Affect You

If you are considering bariatric surgery, it is going to be an important phase in your life. It will, in fact, turn out to be the turning point in your life. From the time you are in the phase of deciding to go ahead with this procedure, and even thereafter when you are coping with new strategies, you are bound to face challenges.

There will be times when you might feel demotivated and there will be times when you will lose interest in keeping up the results just because you would feel you can no longer continue with healthy habits. 

These negative emotions can keep you from enjoying the best benefits of bariatric surgery. It might also cause you to regain the lost weight after the procedure. 

These consequences can be easily avoided by focusing on your mental health. This can be achieved by building a healthy relationship with your body so that your emotional and physical selves come together as a team to ensure you can cross any hurdle with success. 

Modifying your thoughts and emotions is one of the best ways to build a healthy relationship with your body and maintain harmony between your physical self and emotional self. 

Our Minds Believe Everything We Tell Them

This means when your physical self is not cooperating enough in following healthy habits, you can turn on the power of your mind and tell positive and encouraging things to yourself to get going on the right path again.

When you are setting out on this challenging journey, it is important that you keep your motivation up by learning how to say nice things to yourself and by being grateful for this opportunity to have this procedure.

Here are some facts that point to the power of the mind and give us clues on how to build a healthy relationship with your body by saying nice things to yourself.

You Are the Product of Your Thoughts

You will be surprised to know that humans generally have 50,000 thoughts per day. Most of these thoughts are unimportant and senseless as they pass quickly through our minds. But, we surely get to choose the ones to act upon by consciously recognizing them or improving our awareness of those thoughts. This can be achieved by practicing mindfulness meditation. 

Feeling your Emotions and Thoughts Physically

Every time a thought comes to our mind, our brain produces certain chemicals, which trigger reactions that we are able to feel throughout our body. Usually, we do not realize how much these thoughts can command our emotions because we often think at subconscious levels, just like we are breathing without any active efforts. 

When our emotions overwhelm us, these thoughts affect how well we can manage our actions and behaviors. Our thoughts also have the power to affect our attention span and focus.

The Power of Expression  

Expressing your thoughts explicitly or writing down your feeling, emotions, thoughts, and goals is another more powerful tool than just thinking about them. It would provide better clarity on how you feel and the goals you want to achieve with bariatric surgery. 

Using the power of writing is highly recommended as one of the most important strategies you can adopt once you decide to proceed with this procedure. 

You can write your health goals using a concise paragraph or just one sentence. You can also write your vision statement with a short description of how you see yourself accomplishing your weight loss goals. 

Writing everything in the present tense is good as if you are already doing it. This could help create a positive frame of mind instead of keeping your vision as a part of the distant future. 

This exercise can begin when you finally decide to proceed with bariatric surgery. You can write down your goals and the healthy changes you plan to make in your diet and lifestyle. You can also right the reasons for taking this decision and how you would feel about yourself when you achieve your weight loss goals. 

Writing down these thoughts will serve as reinforcement every time you feel low, demotivated, or overwhelmed with the thought of keeping up with healthy habits. This will also allow you to harness the power of the mind in a more efficient way.

Understanding the power of the mind and making effort to change how you think or how you look at bariatric surgery will definitely be helpful for you for staying more committed to your goals. 

Honor All Your Emotions – Let Out All the Feelz

Your thoughts and emotions can play a vital role in changing your perception of bariatric surgery. Assessing your emotions and identifying your thoughts on a conscious level, instead of just letting them pass your mind randomly, will give you a better idea of what made you make this decision. Meditation is one of the most effective methods that you can try to develop an awareness of your thoughts.

Being aware of your thoughts will also keep you aligned with the purpose of your decision to go for bariatric surgery by serving as a reminder of your goals and the need to lose weight in order to avoid diseases and restore health. 

Managing and controlling your thoughts can be a tough task. But it’s definitely worth all the effort given the immense benefits it can provide you with. Managing and controlling your thoughts is possible if you learn some simple techniques. 

Let me share with you a few techniques that will help you get a clear understanding of how you feel and the emotions you are experiencing thereby improving your motivation and making you more capable of avoiding a negative thinking pattern that can otherwise keep you from getting the best results.

  • Meditate to improve your focus and slow down the constant stream of thoughts.
  • Practice mindfulness to focus on the present.
  • Use a mantra – repeat a phrase or word to calm your mind.
  • Write down your feelings, emotions, and thoughts to get clarity on your goals and feelings, especially fear and anxiety. 
  • Take time to breathe slowly to calm yourself whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Finding gratitude in every facet of your life. Practice mental subtraction to gain a feel if you did not have the ability to walk, talk, hear, or even see. Appreciate the most amazing things about yourself and change your mindset.

Have a Meeting of the Minds With Yourself

You can also talk to your thoughts and see what exactly is disturbing you. This will help you address your negative emotions like fear and anxiety. It will also help you identify why exactly you are having these emotions, and thus, allow you to come up with ways to address the possible factors that are making you feel that way. 

For example, suppose you are feeling anxious or are afraid that you will not be able to control your diet after the surgery. In that case, you can seek help from a nutritionist who will share with you healthy, low-calorie recipes, which are also tasty and delicious. You can also talk to the members of your support groups who have been through this journey successfully as a source of motivation. 

Getting in touch with your thoughts and not ignoring your emotions is what is needed for you to be able to achieve the desired success through bariatric surgery.

Change Your Attitude With Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is another important factor that can play a crucial role in determining your ability to get successful results after bariatric surgery. 

Gratitude has many benefits that we have begun to understand only recently. Gratitude has been shown to positively impact our emotional, physical, and even occupational well-being. Studies have revealed that practicing gratitude can also make us feel less aggravated and more optimistic.

Gratitude can truly inspire you and keep you engaged while reinvigorating you even during the most downtrodden phases. 

So, let’s learn about this remarkably beneficial concept of practicing gratitude and look at the immense power it can bestow you with. Come join my on my journey. ~ Faith